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Google's interactive 'Spotlight Stories' come to YouTube

The show 'Special Delivery' is different every time you watch it.

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Google's Spotlight Stories started life as a partnership with Motorola. The made-for-mobile 360-degree videos let viewers dive into animated worlds created by engineers and movie makers. The latest film, "Special Delivery," arrives just in time for the holidays and was created by Aardman Animations (of Wallace and Gromit fame). Unlike most VR video, Spotlight Stories use the sensors in your phone for a more interactive experience. Look away from the main character and the main story pauses, while you unlock mini stories that only play when you focus on them. Previous shows required a special app to view them, but Special Delivery is launching on directly on YouTube -- as the ubiquitous video site bolsters its VR library.

Special Delivery follows a caretaker, who is disturbed by a mysterious stranger on the roof (who could it be at this time of year?). Follow him to find out who the visitor is, or cut your own story as you look elsewhere. The only downside is that the video is only optimized for a handful of Android phones (though a good number of flagships and tablets are covered), on a plus note, you can enjoy in 3D with Cardboard whatever phone you have. Check the YouTube description for the full list. If your phone didn't make the cut, you can still watch the story -- just without any of the clever stuff. Expect more videos from the project to launch on YouTube, making them more accessible, even if you don't have the right hardware.

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