Lenovo has a desktop with a built-in projector

It makes sense for a home-theater PC.

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Lenovo has a desktop with a built-in projector

Well, this is a little weird. In addition to the usual parade of laptops, Lenovo today unveiled an odd little desktop at CES: a miniature PC with an optional projector. It's called the Ideacentre 610s, and it's basically your typical home-theater PC on steroids. On the inside, it runs an Intel Core i7 processor, a 2GB NVIDIA GTX 750ti GPU and up to 16GB of RAM, meaning you shouldn't have a problem streaming 4K video or the odd game.

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If you wanted to take the whole home-theater PC thing a step further, you could use the 220-lumen projector to beam a 100-inch image from 2.4 meters (7.9 feet) away. It could be a useful solution if you have kiddies at home, or for whatever reason don't have space for a large TV. If you care about quality, though, you might still want to stick to a wired connection most of the time: The projector's resolution tops out at a relatively low 720p. Look for it in June, starting at $849 with the projector (though if all you wanted was a souped-up HTPC, you could purchase it by itself for less).

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