Mio's new tracker and health metric may help you live longer

PAI is the new BMI.

Mio introduced a new fitness tracker called the Mio SLICE at CES Monday and, with it, a new kind of health index called the Personal Activity Intelligence index that supposedly helps practitioners live up to a decade longer. The PAI index is based on the HUNT study, a large scale trial that followed 60,000 people over two decades. By keeping their PAI score above 100 "will increase your lifespan by up to 10 years and provide maximum protection from lifestyle diseases," a Mio statement touts. What's more, it is supposedly personalizable to each individual, rather than more generalized metrics like the Body Mass Index.

The SLICE tracker continually monitors the user's heartrate throughout the day and translates that information into their PAI. The Mio app is available later this month, however the tracker itself won't be ready until later in 2016. Additionally, Mio's other apps will compatible with the PAI tracking app. There's no word yet on pricing.