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Here's what you missed on day two at CES

HTC's Vive Pre gives you a Chaperone, Casio makes a smartwatch and Nikon launches a 360-degree sports cam.
Here's what you missed on day two at CES image
Here's what you missed on day two at CES image
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|January 6, 2016 11:00 AM

CES 2016: Day 2 Recap

CES is a lot of fun for gadget lovers, but damn is it overwhelming. If you couldn't get through the 118 articles we posted yesterday, fear not. This one will take you through the highlights, which include Under Armour's announcement that it's building a fitness-tech ecosystem with HTC, a new Nikon flagship DSLR and the Chaperone front camera for HTC Vive Pre that keeps you out of real, not virtual, danger. There are also smartphones, OLED TVs, Segways and more, so jump into the gallery or hit our wrap-up video and be informed, won't you?

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  • Samsung bringing iOS support to its Tizen-powered Gear S2 watch
  • Under Armour is becoming a bonofide tech company, with HTC's help
  • Nikon launches the flagship D5 DSLR and a 360-degree camera
  • Casio's first smartwatch is a burly G-Shock Android Wear model
  • Huawei goes global with the Mate 8
  • HTC's latest Vive Pre developer kit gets a front camera 'Chaperone'
  • Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S is like a slimmed-down Surface Pro 4
  • HP's business oriented EliteBook Folio is slim and pretty
  • Oculus giving early crowdfunders the Rift for free
  • Volkswagen's BUDD-e EV concept gives it a rare shot of good press
  • Ford launches venture to send DJI drones into harm's way
  • Ninebot's Segway scooter transforms into a friendly robot
  • LG's OLED displays are certified for the Ultra HD Premium standard
  • Dell has a weird wireless monitor that will charge your phone
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Here's what you missed on day two at CES