Amazon will stream the President's State of the Union speech

You won't have to go to the White House website to watch the address.

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Amazon will stream the President's State of the Union speech

The President's State of the Union address has been viewable online for years, but you've had to visit either the White House's website or YouTube. That's not very convenient in an era when streaming services reach just about every device you know. And the government knows it, apparently: the Office of Digital Strategy has announced that President Obama's final State of the Union speech will stream on Amazon Instant Video (both live and on-demand) in addition to the usual sources. The goal is to bring video to where people watch, rather than make you hunt it down. If you want to tune on your Fire TV, you can.

There's even something for you if you're more content to look up past speeches. The White House has partnered with Genius to annotate Obama's seven previous speeches, giving you additional details and a chance to share your reactions. Whatever your political affiliations, this could be extremely helpful in the future -- imagine always understanding the context behind an important speech without having to look things up yourself.

[Image credit: The White House, Flickr]

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