Amazon's 7-inch Fire tablet discounted to £40 in the UK

As if it wasn't insanely good value for money anyway.

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Amazon's newest 7-inch Fire is all the tablet most people need, which is why it's such incredibly good value for money at only £50. Or it was, anyway, before Amazon decided it wasn't quite cheap enough. As of today, you can pick up the entry-level slate for just £40, or £48 if you absolutely can't bear the lock screen adverts.

Typically it takes more than a tenner discount to get our bargain klaxon sounding, but 20 percent off is nothing to ignore considering the Fire's respectable performance, long battery life and everything else you get for such an attractive sum. Chances are you've already decided whether you're going to jump on the deal or not, but if you're still rubbing your chin, bear in mind this is almost certainly a time-sensitive offer, the end date of which we're waiting to hear back from Amazon on.

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