HBO is bringing a cord-cutter streaming service to Spain

Can't let Netflix have all the fun, right?

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HBO is bringing a cord-cutter streaming service to Spain

HBO's planning to introduce a standalone streaming service in Spain, Bloomberg Business reports. The TV network is said to be eager to take on Netflix across that European region, as it looks to increase its offerings for cord-cutters worldwide. Right now, it's unclear whether this would be a version of Now, the pay-TV-free service HBO announced last April during an Apple event. But, according to the news publication, HBO is expected to launch the service in Spain by the end of the year.

A few months ago, HBO Go became available as a standalone option for people in Colombia, with HBO claiming the goal was to eventually expand that to more countries. As it stands, however, there's no telling whether Spaniards will get access to a similar service or something completely different. We reached out to HBO for comment.

Update: "I can confirm that we plan to launch in Spain by end of year but no other details to offer," an HBO representative said to Engadget.

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