Time Warner Cable's monthly prices are going up in New York

Get ready to pay a little more for internet and other services.

Last month, Time Warner Cable confirmed some customers would see their bill go up beginning in mid-January. And, well, here we are. The upcoming price hikes apply to both cable and internet users in the state of New York, as the Albany Times Union pointed out. For starters, TWC's Basic and Standard web services will now cost $49.99 and $59.99 per month, compared to the previous $47.99 and $57.99, respectively. That's not much of a change right away, sure, but it adds up over time.

The cable company is also raising monthly fees for its standard TV plan, Sports Pass, as well as the cost of modem and set-top box rentals. But if you're already a subscriber, don't worry too much, since your account could have a promotion that exempts you from these changes. At any rate, your best bet is to contact TWC and figure out where you stand. New customers, meanwhile, can likely opt for certain temporary deals, including the Basic internet package for $30 (12 months).

As to why this happening, a Time Warner Cable spokesperson gave the following statement to Gizmodo:

TWC's new prices reflect our continued investment in the performance and reliability of our networks and equipment, along with the rapidly rising costs of programming, especially local broadcast channels and cable sports networks. Many of these changes will not affect customers who are currently receiving promotional pricing until their promotional period ends.