Drone sets record for carrying the heaviest cargo ever

Robo-squad goals.

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Drone sets record for carrying the heaviest cargo ever

A team of engineers from the University of Oslo recently set a Guinness world record by lifting a 61 kilogram load with nothing but remote-controlled drones. Or rather, one gigantic Voltron-esque multi-rotor monstrosity appropriately named the Megakopter. It's built from eight hexacopters that have been daisy chained together, utilizes 13 rotors powered by four dozen individual motors mounted on an aluminum-plywood frame. With it, the team recently hoisted a 61-kilogram load -- that's a little over 134 pounds -- and held it there for 37 seconds to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The team hopes to make future iterations of the the Megacopter even stronger -- potentially burly enough to carry large packages or even people (weather permitting). Looks like the Ehang 184 is going to have competition sooner than we thought.

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