BlackBerry wants you to know its phones are cool

Because they're in movies and TV shows.

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BlackBerry wants you to know its phones are cool

People say you must love yourself in order to be loved by others, and that's exactly what BlackBerry's trying to do. The manufacturer recently posted a blog highlighting how many times its devices appeared in movies and TV shows last year, taking into account a few of the major US television networks as well as Netflix and Amazon's original content. So what were the results? BlackBerry counted at least 199 roles: 154 on the small screen and 45 for films.

Here's proof: Amy Poehler with a BlackBerry in Netflix's A Very Murray Christmas.

BlackBerry says it's not surprised the Classic, Passport, Q10 and Z10 phones were all featured across many different story lines, since TV and movie industries are "some of the most concerned with secure communications." It also added that writers like their characters to use BlackBerrys because it makes the narrative more realistic -- come to think of it, that's probably why we spotted The Doctor with a BlackBerry Storm.

The next task for BlackBerry should be finding out how many celebrities are still using one of its phones, although there are already websites dedicated to this sort of thing.

[Image credits: Getty Images; BlackBerry (screenshot)]

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