Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin sent its rocket to space... again

SpaceX went further, but Blue Origin has struck back by actually re-using a rocket.

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Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin sent its rocket to space... again

As Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos continue their battle to develop re-usable rocket technology first, the Amazon man's company has news to announce tonight. Its video shows its New Shepard rocket -- that previously flew to suborbital altitude of 100km -- doing it all over again. According to Blue Origin, instead of just being the first rocket to cross the Karman Line and then land vertically back on the Earth, it's now the first one to have done it twice. There are still arguments that what Blue Origin is doing is easier than SpaceX's attempts (not actually going into low-Earth orbit and it's moving slower), but it's still an amazing achievement.

Blue Origin believes its tech will scale well as it works on bigger rockets, saying "New Shepard is the smallest booster we will ever build," and that it will just get easier from here. Up next are full engine tests of the larger BE-4, and more trips to space and back for New Shepard. According to the team, the rocket's landing protocol has also been adjusted, so it no longer tries to land dead-center on the pad, prioritizing its angle over location. Is that a shot at SpaceX and its failed barge landing attempts? That depends on your perspective, but now we've got more sweet rocket videos to watch.

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