Samsung may launch its own phone upgrade program

Spoiler: it sounds a lot like Apple's.

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Timothy J. Seppala
January 27, 2016 11:40 AM
Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

If Apple and Samsung were humans rather than multi-billion dollar multinational corporations, the best way to describe them would probably be "frenemies." Time and again one looks to the other for inspiration, money, or as a source of parts, and today's no different. The latest? Reuters reports (sourcing Korea's Electronic Times) that the Korean tech giant is going to launch a phone upgrade program like Cupertino did last fall with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Basically, you'll be able to upgrade every year so long as you're on a contract.

The publication says that it could happen as early as March when the Galaxy S7 launches on home soil and could possibly allow folks to upgrade their devices annually in other countries in time. Until then, we'll just have to pass the days figuring out what other tech companies round out the pack of mean girls here and if butter is in fact a carb or not.

[Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images]

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