The OnePlus X is now available without an invite

A solid-enough phone that you can buy without hassle.

OnePlus is now selling its "X" smartphone to anyone that wants it. The budget Android device had previously been part of OnePlus' much maligned invite-only policy, which makes buyers wait for a code before purchasing. (As if buying a $249 phone makes you part of some sort of exclusive club). Announcing the decision, OnePlus says this is the fastest a phone has moved from invites to general availability, and notes that this is a trend it hopes to improve upon in the future.

The X has received generally positive reviews. We gave it a score of 73, praising its build quality and raw performance, but not enjoying its weak camera or lack of US-friendly LTE bands. Our review roughly lines up with the critics' average of 75. About the LTE bands issue: it's missing support for Band 12 and Band 17, which makes it almost entirely a 3G-only phone on AT&T and T-Mobile (and of course it doesn't support Verizon either). For those in Europe or elsewhere, though, the OnePlus X might be the compromise between price and features you've been waiting for.