BT's updated TV app has an on-demand section just for kids

And there's something for the adults, too.

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Jamie Rigg
February 2nd, 2016
BT's updated TV app has an on-demand section just for kids

Like the UK's other big TV providers, BT offers customers an app that lets them manage their YouView+ set-top box and access some of the content they pay for when they're away from the living-room flatscreen. The service formally known as BT TV Everywhere has been rebranded today, adopting the simpler name of "BT TV." And with that new title comes a few new features, namely a dedicated on-demand section for kids' shows from the likes of Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

A greater focus on keeping the kids entertained, especially during the long drive to the in-laws, is a growing trend among traditional TV providers. Services like Netflix and YouTube have excelled in this area, leaving everyone else to play catch-up. Sky, for example, has improved the exposure content for youngsters gets on its set-top boxes, and is now preparing to launch a standalone app specifically for kids' TV.

The updated BT TV service has something for the grown-ups too, beyond a couple of improvements to search and the general user experience. The relatively small list of channels you can stream live has grown by seven today, and better yet, BT has added a new catch-up section for "premium" entertainment produced by AMC, Comedy Central, MTV and others. The updated BT TV app is available now on Android and iOS, though you do need a qualifying TV package to access live streams and the various on-demand libraries.

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