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That insanely-expensive hoverboard is now $5,000 cheaper

Arca Space's ArcaBoard now costs $14,900, but still only flies for six minutes.
That insanely-expensive hoverboard is now $5,000 cheaper
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper|@danielwcooper|February 10, 2016 6:58 AM

Did you take a look at Arca Space's honest-to-goodness actual hoverboard and think that $19,900 was a bit too much? That's excellent, because the firm has revealed that its canny business deals have lowered the price down to just $14,900. It's a fact that should please all none of its pre-order customers, which can expect the extra $5,000 to be reimbursed. For that money, buyers will get a slab that, thanks to 36 electric fans kicking out upthrust, will keep you floating, a bit, above the ground, for, uh, six minutes. Which is perfect if your morning commute takes five minutes.

The company has also sought to head-off snarky tech writers looking to complain about the craft's implausibly short range. Today's announcement also includes the news that Arca Space is building replacement battery packs that you can swap in to prolong your flight time. According to the release, it'll take just a single minute for you to replace a dead power pack with a fresh one, extending your range to a staggering 12 minutes. If you're curious to watch this thing in flight, check out this new video of company CEO Dumitru Popescu noodling around a runway and try to convince you this isn't just for people with too much money.

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That insanely-expensive hoverboard is now $5,000 cheaper