It's getting easier to use Twitter for customer service

Now it's adding two customer support tools for businesses.

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It's getting easier to use Twitter for customer service

A lot of people turn to Twitter to ask for help from or to air their grievances against a particular company, knowing they can get a response faster that way. Due to the burgeoning customer service activity on its website, the microblogging service has launched two new features that can make the experience smoother for everyone. One of those tools allows a brand to add a link to its tweets that whisks customers away from public convos and takes them straight to direct messaging in one click.

As you can see below, the button is explicitly marked "Send a private message."

The second feature gives customers a way to send in feedback after a chat with customer support. They can rate the interaction from a disappointing 0 to an outstanding 10 and leave a comment afterward.

Twitter has always been very welcoming of brands that want to use its platform for customer care. It even published a guidebook for businesses last year. While these tools won't have a huge effect on the way you tweet, they might prove to be useful down the line when you need to reach out to a company.

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