Vue wants you to crowdfund film screenings with your mates

The cinema chain will open up 19 of its cinemas with help from OurScreen.
Matt Brian
M. Brian|03.02.16

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Matt Brian
March 2, 2016 6:10 AM
Ben Sutherland, Flickr
Ben Sutherland, Flickr

Unless you've invested heavily in your own home theatre setup, it's unlikely that you're going to match the experience of watching a film at the cinema. UK movie chain Vue knows this, so instead of just letting you pay to go and see new releases, it wants you to you club together with your friends and family to put on a showing of your own. Think of it as Kickstarter, but for your favourite movies.

In partnership with social platform OurScreen, Vue will let you choose from over 400 films that include kid-friendly titles including Despicable Me and Jumanji to Oscar winners like Ex Machina and The Social Network. There are also hundreds of indie and foreign language films to choose from.

To get involved, you need to head over to OurScreen and pick the movie you want to watch. If someone else has organised a public viewing for the same film, you can attend theirs instead (showings can also be made private). Once the showing has enough ticket sales, the screening is a go.

In my test, I was able to list a public viewing of The Matrix at my local cinema for April 30th. OurScreen instructed me that I'd need to find at least 76 people by April 24th to confirm the screening. Oh, and tickets cost £9 each. Currently, crowdsourced viewings are available in 19 of Vue's 84 cinemas but expect more to become available in the future.

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