Fresco News teams with Fox stations for crowd-sourced coverage

Local news stations in 11 cities will use content from the citizen journalism app.

Back in January, Fresco News launched an Apple TV app to deliver a curated feed of crowd-sourced breaking news coverage. Now, the citizen journalism app is working with local Fox affiliates to make user-submitted photos and videos part of regular new coverage. Television stations in 11 cities will be able to send out location-based alerts through the Fresco iOS app in hopes of getting first-person coverage.

Captured footage and stills will then be vetted and curated by the folks at Fresco before being passed along to the local newsrooms. And yes, if your video or photos are used, you'll be compensated for them. The going rate is $50 for video and $20 for a photo that's used on-air during a broadcast. Fresco actually began testing the system with a Fox station in Philadelphia last month. With the newly announced expansion, news teams in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Charlotte and Orlando will also take advantage of the on-the-ground coverage.