'Catlateral Damage' will smash its way to PS4 on March 22nd


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Mariella Moon
March 11th, 2016
'Catlateral Damage' will smash its way to PS4 on March 22nd

Two events of note are taking place in two weeks time: 1.) Apple is likely launching another iPhone, and 2.) Catlateral Damage is arriving on PS4. That's right, you're not dreaming. The cat simulator that puts you in the shoes (paws?) of a rampaging kitty will be available to PS4 players on March 22nd for $9.99. But if you're a PS Plus member, you can download it for only $7.99 during launch week. If you've always wanted to cause a catastrophe as a virtual feline inside virtual houses and museums, that sounds like a bargain.

Catlateral Damage's creator Chris Chung originally made its prototype during a game jam. With the help of fellow Toxoplasma gondii-infected cat lovers, he was able to raise $62,000 via Kickstarter and make the game available through Steam. Obviously, enough gamers liked it to prompt a PS4 release, and we're not in the least surprised. The internet loves the furry little destroyers, and a lot of people wouldn't miss the chance to cat.

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