Nest has 'case-by-case' help for abandoned Revolv owners

The Google-owned company is working with customers on resolutions that could involve compensation.

Next month Nest shutting is down its service that powers Revolv smart home hubs, and now the Google-owned company says it's trying to help owners of the devices. Nest bought Revolv back in 2014 but no longer sells the hardware, and yesterday word came of the impending shutdown. Today Nest Support tweeted that it's "here to help," encouraging Revolv users to email support for help.

We contacted Nest PR and were told that Nest has been working "on a case-by-case basis" to find the best resolution for affected users, which it says could involve compensation. There's no word on exactly how much that compensation might be, but if you have one of the hubs, contacting should probably be your next step.


Customers with questions can contact customer support at We've been working with the small number of Revolv customers on a case-by-case basis since we sent out the first customer notification in February to determine the best resolution, including compensation.