'Quantum Break' looks relentlessly surreal

Developer Remedy Entertainment's time travel tale will never be mistaken for any other game.

I've never taken as many screenshots of an Xbox One game as I have Quantum Break. When I wasn't preoccupied with slowing down the flow of time to outrun enemies who wanted to murder me or to stop a 60-foot tall section of scaffolding from squashing me like a grape, I was tweaking the in-game camera to frame the scenes of chaos around me. The aesthetic Developer Remedy Entertainment used for its latest is captivating, blending elements of surrealist art, cinema and even lo-fi photography into a look that's unlike anything I've seen before.

It's too bad that the game lacks a proper photo mode, because as the narrative progresses and the space-time continuum starts destroying itself, Quantum Break ratchets the surreal factor to the extreme.