Cassetteboy mashup pokes fun at the Investigatory Powers Bill

"Every text you send. Every Facebook friend. I’ll be watching you."

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Nick Summers
April 8th, 2016
In this article: culture, security
REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth
REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

As the British government pushes ahead with the Investigatory Powers Bill, a new piece of legislation designed to update and extend its surveillance powers, the notorious Casetteboy has struck again. The mysterious duo are renowned for their mashup videos which carefully cut political speeches to viciously funny effect. Today, they've teamed up with Privacy International to ridicule the proposed IP Bill, which many consider to be a reworking of the divisive "Snoopers' Charter" from 2012. That bill never came to pass, although the new one has some controversial elements of its own, including the power to obtain "internet connection records."

The video doesn't delve into the details, instead focusing on the idea that the government wants access to anything and everything you say online. The reality is a little more complicated than that, but still, it's entertaining to see the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister's speeches rearranged like this. Ultimately, it's this sort of video that could attract the public's attention and trigger further debates about the bill -- one which many, including the intelligence community, have taken issue with.

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