Snapchat stickers can now move around in your videos

Attach an emoji to an "object" and Snapchat will handle the rest.

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Snapchat stickers can now move around in your videos

One of Snapchat's defining features is the ability to add text, emoji and colorful scribbles to your photos and videos. Before, these would sit statically on the screen, but now stickers can move in tandem with any object or person in the frame. Once you've shot your video, you'll be able to add some colorful emoji and pair them with specific parts of the recording. Snapchat will handle the rest, making the stickers move, rotate and change size. As way of example, this could mean having a bicycle shoot down the street alongside a car, or putting a guitar in your best friend's hands.

The feature will be rolling out to Android first, followed by iOS "very shortly." It might sound trivial, but these sorts of options are what give Snapchat personality and allow users to express themselves in a ways that are simply not possible on other social media. Animated stickers are an extension of the app's feature set, giving Snapchatters a creative way to spice up their videos. Whether it's a private Snap or an incremental Story update, it's all about giving users the ability to delight other people.

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