Google Keep finally gets a good Chrome extension for easier saving

Creating notes on Android just got easier, too.

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Chris Velazco
April 20th, 2016
Google Keep finally gets a good Chrome extension for easier saving

Heads up, taskmasters and note-takers: Google Keep just got a few new features that should help it fit better into your workflow. For one, Google finally got around to making its Chrome extension more useful; you can save web pages (or parts of them) straight to Keep with handy notes in tow. A small subset of Keep fans have been clamoring for a better in-browser option for ages, since the one Google previously maintained lacked the ability to save web content. (The full-blown Chrome web app is pretty great, though.) This prompted some developers to cook up their own extensions for Keep -- all without a proper API from Google.

Creating new Keep entries while multitasking just got easier on Android, too. Sweet, sweet content (like web links, photos and text) in other apps can be saved to Keep via the Share menu. Google's own example demonstrates saving a link from Chrome for Android, but the trick also works for non-Google software -- we're told that any app that supports Android's Share Intents will play nice with Keep. We also now have the power to categorize our Keep notes with #hashtags (naturally), though it's really just an easier way to add existing labels or create a new ones. Throw in some minor UI changes for Keep's Android app, and we've got a surprisingly substantial update -- you'll be able to start playing with these features shortly.

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