Top 5 Places To Shop Or Build Your Computer

Kevin Nouse
K. Nouse|04.21.16

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Kevin Nouse
April 21, 2016 6:22 PM
Top 5 Places To Shop Or Build Your Computer
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Is your PC calling for latest upgrades? Well, whether you are about to upgrade your computer with state of the art upgrades or about to build up your new PC with smartest of assemblies, the first step here is to locate a reliable retailer. With computers gaining steady momentum as the most needed gizmo for any office and even home, there is no dearth of retailer for computers in the market. But the catch is that not all of them would be compatible for you. When it comes to me, I make sure to go through a thorough comparative study on the various retailers both online & offline and here I forward to you my 5 top places to build or shop for your computer.

Micro Center

With both land-based & extensive online outlets, Micro Center boasts everything from motherboard to CPUs to monitors to laptops or pre-built computers. Their great CPU deals (often hundreds lower than anywhere else on internet) that have made them highly popular among the consumers. The physical store of Micro Center is no less than a heaven for geeks with great systems you can play with, amazing gaming consoles – most importantly you can actually touch & check out the proposed gizmo that you are planning to invest in. And of course, Micro Center also hosts cables & tubes. The in-store staff team is greatly knowledgeable and is always ready to help you out with your buys, in case you need an expert suggestion.


Newegg is one of my top favorites any day and that too for all the good reasons. A seasoned name in the market, Newegg is often the go-to portal for many when it comes to computer components & peripherals and I have heartily recommended the name to many. With a vast & diverse selection, the store has everything you would need for a robust computer build-up along with the adequate tools as well as a fast & affordable shipping. Moreover, Newegg comes up with smart comparison tools to help you in taking informed purchase decisions. Another reason why I like Newegg is the newegg coupon code that offers massive discounts frequently. Discounts range from 40% off with free shipping on tablets & computers while there are coupons with as much as 50% off as well.


Often dubbed as "Canada's Newegg", NCIX caters to both US & Canadian buyers & hailed widely for its vast and versatile assortment of high quality computer components- and that too at highly competitive rates. Added to video cards, CPU or hard drives, the company has also come up with pre-built systems and different peripherals like monitors and mechanical keyboards too. What I like especially about the company is that even when it doesn't have best pricing on a certain item, it would match the price to its competitors. Moreover, NCIX even offers reward programs & newsletters packed with exclusive sales, rebates & rewards given just for a sign up. To ensure smart purchase decisions for customers, NCIX releases educational videos from time to time.


No list of trusted retailers can be complete without the mention of Amazon which "sells everything", including computer components & parts. Most importantly, you are getting them at highly competitive rates. The benefits are more for Amazon Prime Members & they also enjoy free of charge shipping facilities on anything. The best part about taking to the site is that it stocks both common & obscure parts- and this one particular point alone will always keep Amazon over other retailers. With Amazon, you can be confident about getting the thing that you wish for your system. Besides, the company is very lenient on its return policy.


Added to its brick & mortar stores, TigerDirect mostly conducts its transactions via its huge website. The good bit about this retailer is that it has never failed to impress me with its broad range of selections –whether I wanted parts for my new computer or for some home electronics. Besides, the company also assures a solid pricing rate. In fact, in some of the cases, you will find TigerDirect the lowest of prices and that too on some in-demand item.

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