Mini review video: Our verdict on the HTC 10 in a minute

It's the company's best phone in years.

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April 24th, 2016
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After years of losses and lackluster phone releases, HTC finally seems to have gotten its mojo back. OK, it might be too soon to say if its new flagship, the 10, is enough to help the company reverse its fortunes, but if nothing else it's a fantastic device. We love the 10 for its excellent build quality, fast performance, robust audio setup and out-of-the-box Airplay support. Compared to other high-end phones, though, the battery life is merely average and camera performance doesn't quite measure up to Samsung's new Galaxy S7 line. For that reason, the HTC 10 received a slightly lower score -- 88, versus 90 on the GS7 -- but it's still among the best smartphones you can buy right now. Depending on your priorities, it might even be a better choice than the GS7.

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  • Exceptional build quality
  • A more subtle approach to software than on previous HTC phones
  • Top-tier performance
  • First Android phone that supports Airplay streaming out of the box
  • Great audio through headphones


  • Merely average battery life
  • Camera performance falls short of some rivals
  • Sound is considerably less impressivewhen you listen through speakers
  • Hi-res earbuds aren't included with US models
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