Inhabitat's Week in Green: Solar Impulse's trans-Pacific flight, and more!

In other news, Apple donated some of its Earth Day proceeds to conservation efforts.

The Solar Impulse airplane is on a mission to circle the globe using only the power of the sun, and this week it continued its journey by crossing the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, Tesla showed just how fast the Model S is by challenging a Boeing 747 to a drag race. An Italian company is turning vintage moped parts into some of the coolest electric bikes we've ever seen, and a Swedish cyclist created an all-weather bike that looks just like a car. And we've seen buses and vans turned into some pretty incredible things -- but Lee Broom's palatial gallery on wheels takes the cake.

In energy news, San Francisco just scored a big victory for solar power with a new bill that will require photovoltaic panels to be installed on all new buildings. Meanwhile, Tokyo approved plans for a massive solar skyscraper with hanging gardens, and Disneyland flipped the switch on a giant photovoltaic farm shaped like Mickey Mouse. Researchers also discovered a way to make cheap, sustainable batteries from urine, and a new report shows how the world can completely phase out fossil fuels in just 10 years.

The World Health Organization has declared the Zika virus a public health emergency, so two creative agencies developed a billboard to raise awareness while trapping mosquitos by imitating human breath and sweat. In other design and technology news, researchers have developed clear glass bricks that are stronger than concrete, and a new 3D printing breakthrough could change the way that we consume clothing. Apple has been shoring up its environmental initiatives lately, and for Earth Day the company donated all proceeds from sales of 27 apps to conservation efforts. And on the interior design front, we spotted a table made from old Apple laptop keys and a brilliant chair that hooks up to a radiator to keep you warm in the winter.