Facebook tries out temporary reactions for Mother's Day

Maybe buy mom some real flowers?

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Andrew Dalton
May 5, 2016 9:36 PM
Facebook tries out temporary reactions for Mother's Day

While it's not the first time Facebook has reminded you to call your mother, the ubiquitous social network is using Mother's Day to test out some temporary Facebook reactions, The Verge notes. Twitter user Sreedev Sharma spotted the dainty purple flower icon in Facebook's source code and a statement from Facebook confirms users in certain markets will be able to leave virtual flowers as reactions for a limited time.

Although the company didn't specify which markets the flowers would show up in, it did confirm to The Verge that the United States wasn't among them. In those places where it is available, it will disappear from the options come Monday morning, but will still appear on posts where it was left during the few days it was live. This also marks the first time since Facebook rolled out reactions in February that the company has added a temporary, event-based option.

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Facebook tries out temporary reactions for Mother's Day