Periscope #saves your broadcasts beyond 24 hours

Your video stays live until you delete it.

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Periscope #saves your broadcasts beyond 24 hours
Periscope broadcasts can low live longer than a day, so long as you add #save to their titles. In fact, any broadcast with the hashtag will stay online forever unless you delete it. Periscope videos are typically only accessible for 24 hours. Company CEO Kayvon Beykpour announced the feature's launch as a public beta, explaining that they're still working on a full solution that won't require you to add #save to your titles.

That full-featured solution will also come with a better way to manage your videos. For now, the company wants you to test it out -- you don't even have to update the app -- and let them know what you think. Besides #save, Beykpour also announced that Periscope now prioritizes people you know when they enter the room while you're broadcasting. That way, you can chat with them even if there are a ton of other viewers in the room. Even if you're just a viewer, you'll still get notified if someone in your friends list starts watching the same broadcast.

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