Sunrise shuts down its calendar app on August 31st

It'll disappear from app stores in a matter of days.

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Sunrise shuts down its calendar app on August 31st

If you guessed that Sunrise's calendar app wasn't long for this world after Microsoft bought the company... well, you guessed correctly. Sunrise has revealed that it's phasing out its fan-favorite software. The app itself will vanish from digital stores over the next few days, and it'll stop working entirely on August 31st. Like it or not, you can't keep it around for the sake of familiarity -- you'll either have to switch to Outlook (which has some of Sunrise's DNA) or find an alternative.

The team describes the cutoff as a practical move. Simply speaking, it can't support the Sunrise app going forward. There won't be any more bug fixes or feature additions, and the developers would rather move on than give you a sub-par experience. That's understandable, but there's also no doubt that some fans will be miffed. Outlook just isn't the same as Sunrise, and there will be some who'd rather try something entirely different when their old standby isn't available.

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