Sprint's Better Choice XXL plan includes a year of Amazon Prime

The carrier is looking to sweeten the deal on its $100/month 40GB plan.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|05.13.16

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Laura McDermott/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Laura McDermott/Bloomberg via Getty Images

An Amazon Prime membership will cost you $99 a year, but Sprint is tacking on the two-day shipping subscription for free. Starting today, the carrier is giving new and existing customers who choose its Better Choice XXL plan 12-month access to Prime. The XXL option is $100 a month on its own, giving users 40GB of data and unlimited talk and text. Sprint was already offering customers Prime access for $11 a month, but now it's offering folks who burn through data the chance to nab it at no additional cost.

If you'll recall, Sprint's Better Choice option provides unlimited 2G data once you hit your monthly cap, or you can choose to have the 4G allotment automatically extended a GB at a time for $15 each. As carriers continue to offer new incentives to try and entice customers, we're sure to see the competition respond in the coming weeks.
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