GoPro makes a seemingly inevitable deal with Red Bull

The action camera and energy drink giants will work together on sharing and selling videos.

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Mark Thompson/Getty Images
Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Red Bull's extreme sports adventures are practically tailor-made for GoPro's action cameras, so it would only make sense if the two got together, right? Sure enough, that's what's happening. GoPro has announced an exclusive deal with Red Bull that will have the two partnering on distributing and selling content. They'll share rights on co-produced content and share it across both of their online and TV channels. Also, each company gets a distinct perk: GoPro becomes Red Bull's sole action camera provider, while Red Bull gets equity in GoPro.

You probably won't see too much in the way of immediate impact, but it could help GoPro in the long run. The company isn't in the best of shape; giving Red Bull a financial stake could both help its bottom line and give it a partner with a vested interest in helping it succeed. That's particularly important when GoPro has delayed its first drone and can only rely on its action cam business until the fall. For Red Bull, this is more of a nice-to-have agreement -- it increases the energy drink maker's already wide reach.

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