Blendle's pay-per-article service is available on mobile devices

The previously desktop-only app makes its way to a phone or tablet near you.

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Blendle's pay-per-article service is available on mobile devices
If you use Dutch startup Blendle to read all your news, you're in for a treat: The previously desktop-only app is going mobile for both iOS and Android for simpler enlightenment on the go.

Blendle is a news aggregate that pulls news articles from outlets that lock their content behind paywalls. You can choose specific articles to curate the type of stories you want to read, while spending less money in the form of microtransactions. If for some reason you aren't satisfied with the stories you choose, you can even get a refund.

The apps themselves feature over 300 print publications from which you can select stories to read ad-free. Each article runs around 25 cents to purchase, which is often a boon for readers looking to get into pieces from The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times without having to subscribe to the publication. With mobile choices available today, one less gateway to success for Blendle has been taken away since stories may now be read on the go.

Blendle has been around for two years and has amassed around 650,000 users. That number could very well grow as users on mobile devices quickly join the fold with the promise of cheap, quality content.

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Blendle's pay-per-article service is available on mobile devices