Origin PC, Velocity Micro jump on Intel's 10-core processor

You won't be hurting for choice if you want a gaming PC with the latest Extreme Edition chip.

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Origin PC, Velocity Micro jump on Intel's 10-core processor

Now that Intel has officially trotted out Core i7 Extreme Edition processors based on its shiny new Broadwell-E platform, gaming PC makers are coming out of the woodwork with systems that tout these extra-fast chips. You'll now find up to a 10-core processor in models from Origin PC (the Chronos, Genesis, Millennium and Neuron) and Velocity Micro (the Raptor Z95, Raptor Signature Edition and ProMagix HD80). If you like to run multiple apps at once or use software that thrives on multi-core CPUs (such as video editors), you're in paradise.

Get ready to pay a tidy sum for one of these systems. Origin hasn't mentioned pricing for Extreme Edition-equipped models as I write this, but Velocity Micro notes that the lowest-cost PC of its bunch, the ProMagix HD80, starts at $1,799 (and that's likely without the 10-core CPU). That's practically par for the course, mind you. If you're the sort who wouldn't flinch at paying $600-plus for a GeForce GTX 1080 video card, springing for an Extreme Edition processor isn't that much of a stretch.

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