Google makes it easy to find lost phones and access My Account

iPhone users still have to use "Find my iPhone," though.

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Mariella Moon
June 2, 2016 11:05 AM
Google makes it easy to find lost phones and access My Account
Back in 2015, Google launched a feature that displays a map showing your Android phone's current location when you search for "find my phone." Now, the big G is introducing another way to look for missing devices that sounds especially useful for absent-minded users. In the near future, searching for "I lost my phone" will take you straight to a portal called "Find your phone." If you have an Android device, you can ring and locate it straight from the page. You can still remotely sign out of a Gmail account if you have an iPhone, but the page instructs you to visit to find it.

The tech titan is also rolling out new features that make it quicker to access your account hub. That's the same page that shows your security settings, personal info and account preferences in one place. If you've already updated your Google app, saying "Ok Google, show me my Google account" takes you straight to the hub. In the future, searching for your name while you're signed in will return a link to that hub at the top of the results list, as well. The company didn't say when the feature will become available, but you can always access the page by going to

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