Lenovo's Cortana-powered file finder app is finally out

Grab ReachIt for free off the Windows Store for easier access to all your digital detritus.

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Lenovo's Cortana-powered file finder app is finally out
Lenovo announced that Cortana would come to its devices way back in May last year, and now the ReachIt app is finally making its way out of beta and into your life. It's like that Billy Ocean song. Almost. Except that this is an application that'll give Microsoft's virtual assistant deeper access to your files so you can ask for them in natural language -- not a pop song about someone's dream-lady getting in their car. The app is a free download on the Windows Store and it should definitely help you find Tear Down These Walls in your MP3 folder. All you'll have to do is ask, "Cortana, where's the Billy Ocean album I downloaded last week at Starbucks?"
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