Florida man gets four years in prison for selling Vitamixes on eBay

Kevin Wain stole credit card information to buy hundreds of high-end housewares.

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Florida man gets four years in prison for selling Vitamixes on eBay

41-year-old Kevin Wain, of Tampa, Florida, has been sentenced to four years in federal prison for running a credit card fraud operation that netted him more than $881,000 over the course of three years. Using counterfeit credit cards -- made with with a magnetic card reader/writer that he'd bought on eBay -- Wain bought hundreds of high-end home goods at Williams Sonoma and Bed, Bath & Beyond stores that he would turn around and sell for profit on eBay.

Wain was extremely specific with the items he was buying and reselling, as well. During the period in question, from around September 2011 until he was busted by the Secret Service in June of 2015, Wain bought a staggering 755 Vitamix blenders, 197 Roombas and 9 Dyson Animal vacuums. According to the Department of Justice, Wain was still carrying on his thriving eBay business on the day of his arrest and there are extensive transaction records detailing the little black market he created for himself.

So far, investigators have found more than half a million dollars in fraudulent purchases he bought using credit card information stolen from over 125 victims. In addition to his four-year jail sentence, Wain will have to pay back every penny of the $585,028.99 he stole from 48 different financial institutions.

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