Apple WatchOS 3's SOS feature alerts emergency services anywhere

You don’t even need to know the 911 equivalent in the country you’re in.

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Apple WatchOS 3's SOS feature alerts emergency services anywhere

Apple's WatchOS 3 software refresh will launch as a free upgrade in the fall, the company announced today at its WWDC keynote. Among the slew of new features is "SOS," which lets users hold down the Apple Watch's button to alert local emergency services without needing to know your current country's version of 911.

Users can also set up SOS to ping preset contacts and, bigger still, send them a map of their current location. Obviously, this is a huge development for travelers who don't know how to get help wherever they are, but it could also be key to surreptitiously alerting the authorities during dangerous situations.

Lastly, SOS pulls up the user's medical ID uploaded into the Health app onscreen to display data and known health conditions for emergency responders.

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