Play Anywhere puts the same games on Xbox and PC

Buy a copy of 'Gears of War 4' on either platform, and play it on both

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Play Anywhere puts the same games on Xbox and PC

Microsoft's been talking about bridging the gap between it's PC and console gamers for awhile now -- and at E3 today, it announced just how it's going to do it. Xbox Play Anywhere: a new cross buy program that automatically gives you the PC version a game when you buy it on Xbox... or the Xbox version when you buy it on PC. The first game to take advantage of the program? Gears of War 4, of course -- and yes, Xbox One and PC players will be able to play together online.

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As a co-op online shooter, Gears is the perfect franchise to launch Play Anywhere -- but it should be noted that there are some caveats. While all Play Anywhere games will come with console and PC copies at no extra cost, not every Play Anywhere game will feature cross-platform multiplayer by default. What's more, Play Anywhere is limited to digital purchases -- meaning you won't get a free PC copy of the game if you exclusively buy your games on disc.

Still, that's a pretty good trade for a physical disc. We've spotted the Play Anywhere logo on a few other games at Xbox's E3 press event, including Halo Wars 2, ReCore and Killer Instinct which, by the way, is getting a new character. Check it out:

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Play Anywhere puts the same games on Xbox and PC