Six gadgets for a green camping trip

You can cook and top off your devices' batteries with just a few bits of wood.

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Six gadgets for a green camping trip

By Cat DiStasio

This week marks the start of summer, and campers across the nation are getting ready to explore the great outdoors. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to go off-grid while keeping a light footprint. That means finding tents that don't mar the land and cooking methods that don't generate needless waste. It's also easier than ever to keep electronic gadgets charged throughout your trip. And, of course, nobody wants to fumble with flashlight batteries in the dark, so rechargeable and solar-powered lanterns are a big win at any camp site. Whatever goals you set for your next trip, there's a gadget out there to help you achieve it.

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  • BioLite BaseLantern is the ultimate green multitasker
  • Tentsile's Stingray sleeps three without touching the ground
  • BioLite CookStove burns wood without smoke
  • Fontus Airo pulls drinking water from the air
  • Hydro Hammock takes outdoor leisure to a new level
  • Solight Solarpuff is a lightweight, packable solar lantern
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