Twitter has a new app to help celebrities chat with fans

Being an influencer is hard, but Engage is here to help.

Updated ·1 min read

To help celebrities, public figures and other influencers more actively engage with their audiences, Twitter has a new standalone app that offers some helpful insight. The appropriately named Engage app is divided into three main sections to break down the social info. FIrst, there's a section that lets you know when someone verified follows or mentions you alongside tweets from the most loyal fans and accounts that are followed by several of the your followers. That's also a an "Understand" section for the analytics numbers for showing likes, retweets, mentions, impressions and more.

For details on individual tweets, the "Posts" tab offers more specific numbers. The Engage app doesn't feature a timeline though, as it's meant to compliment the flagship social software with all the analytics info. Unlike other apps we've seen that offer these post numbers, Engage will be open to all users and not just verified accounts. It's a similar concept to Facebook's Mentions app which helps "public figures" stay on top of their internet image, only this time it'll be available to anyone on Twitter. As for Engage, it's heading to the iTunes App Store today. Sorry Android fans, this one's iOS only.