Bizarre 'Street Fighter' gym gear includes Zangief dumbbells

Lacks Psycho Crusher protein, flaming Yoga mats.

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Bizarre 'Street Fighter' gym gear includes Zangief dumbbells

Want a beach-ready body along the stylings of Chun-Li or Daddy Ryu? Capcom is here to help. In curious exercise of branding, it's announced a selection of gym equipment (loosely) inspired by a few Street Fighter 5 challengers. You can pick from weighted gloves (Ryu or Ken 'flavors'), a training tube that has Guile's endorsement and an M. Bison inflatable punching bag, with targets for high middle and lower attacks. Naturally. There's also delightful yellow- and red-colored dumbbells for everyone's favorite hairy wrestler, Zangief, although a man of his size needed more than a 10kg bicep curl to get that swole.

Each piece of equipment comes with a training manual, with "let's work up a sweat!" emblazoned on the outside -- which I guess is a motivation message of sorts. The range launches next month in Japan, with prices start at 3,000 yen ($30) for the gloves and punchbag, the training tube is a mere 25 bucks, while cartoon Russian weights will set you back $40.

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