LG is getting into connected cars with Volkswagen

The two companies are working together to let cars connect with smart home devices and other gadgets.

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LG is getting into connected cars with Volkswagen
Add LG and Volkswagen to the latest pairing of technology and car companies. The two firms announced today that they'll be working together on a connected car platform over the next few years. While there will be the usual infotainment upgrades, what's most intriguing is that they're aiming for integration with smart home services.

According to VW, it'll let you "control and monitor smart devices in their homes -- such as lights, security systems and domestic appliances -- from out on the road." While useful, that's functionality consumers also access on their phones, so it'll be interesting to see how LG and VW make their platform significantly better.

The platform will also deliver a "context-sensitive notification center" that'll send messages to drivers safely. That's something we're also seeing from existing car platforms like Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay. LG already provides batteries and audio systems to VW's cars, as Reuters points out, and it's building battery cells and the electronic motor for Chevy's Bolt electric car.

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