Mini review: Our quick verdict on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

It's a flagship that happens to also be rugged, but it'll cost you.

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July 16, 2016 2:15 PM
Last week we reviewed (and accidentally damaged) Samsung's newest rugged phone, the Galaxy S7 Active. Though we learned the hard way not to push the envelope with drop tests, we were impressed that the S7 is every bit as high-end as the regular S7. We say that because many of the rugged phones on the market make do with lesser specs. Here, though, you get the same great camera set up as on the standard Galaxy S7, along with fast internals and a capacious battery that's actually bigger than on the original. And, despite, the fact that we cracked the screen, we were grateful that the phone at least worked normally afterward -- not something we'd expect from most devices. All told, the main caveat isn't that its screen isn't crackproof: It's that it costs a hefty $800, and is exclusive to AT&T. Focus to recommend this, then, you better be OK with that carrier, and probably have a serious case of butter fingers too.
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