DARPA's AI-powered radio challenge is officially on

Participants have to develop a radio that prevents wireless congestion.

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DARPA's done ironing out the details for its next Grand Challenge, which revolves around the development of AI-powered radios that work with each other to avoid wireless congestion. The contest will apparently be divided into three year-long phases, starting in 2017. Teams that make it through the preliminary phase will advance to the next stages, ending with a championship event in 2019. The team that comes out on top will take home a $2 million cash prize and could also get into a funded contract with the agency. Teams that finish second and third will get something out of the deal, as well, in the form of $1 million and $750,000 cash prizes, respectively.As DARPA pointed out, an AI-powered radio that can optimize spectrum usage will be especially useful for the military, which needs its wireless devices to work anywhere soldiers are on the battlefield. It will also benefit the rest of us, though, seeing as manufacturers are adding wireless capabilities to just about anything out there, including cars, drones, fridges and other appliances.
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