Appodeal Helps Developers Monetize Their Apps

Most developers lack the knowledge on how to monetize their apps, and the few ones that have it use in-app advertising, a universal solution in the current mobile. To monetize their apps properly, developers must appeal to the great amount of ad networks, which means creating accounts, integrating their code one by one, and then manually choosing the platform they would like to use.

An important question in this subject, which appears recurrently, is whether the developers use all of the potential of their app in terms of profit. This can be done with Appodeal, an intelligent mobile app monetization solution that efficiently automates and optimizes all aspects of the ad monetization process. Designed for publishers, by publishers, Appodeal provides an established marketplace where ad networks compete against each other in real-time auctions for every ad impression.

The industry of mobile ads is mostly built in to favor advertisers and middlemen, leaving at bay the people who know less about that: developers. In addition, the entire process of app monetization can be sometimes require too much time and human resources.

There is a great number of ad networks on the market, each one requires the publishers to create their own account, integrate a specific SDK. Publishers have to spend a lot of time identifying the most efficient ad networks for each of their apps and after that to observe and analyze the results from time to time, which requires comparing different solutions and platforms and switching them manually in order to maximize the profit.

Appodeal eliminates all these hassles as, with it, developers can access all advertising demand on the market with no mediation or ad serving fees, and they deliver a clear service, as they do not favor any marketplace and deliver transparent reports. They just have to integrate a single SDK consisting of 10 lines of code, and get access to 30 major ad networks at a time. With Appodeal, app publishers can get paid monthly or upon request through the payment vehicle of their choice, even including Bitcoin. Appodeal also never charges mediation commissions. It makes money by selling small portions of traffic directly to its own advertisers through RTB, but only when they can offer a higher rate than any ad network.

Appodeal's capabilities can be explained used an example that is quite popular nowadays. The entire world is playing Pokémon Go, and it is obvious that this game is making a lot of money. Around 20% of its revenue through comes from in-app purchases but, if they supported rewarded videos, for example, points-for-views, they could earn even more money – and Appodeal could help them with that.

The company has recently announced a novelty in its service, Insights, which will provide users with much needed actionable and multidimensional intelligence into the effectiveness of in-app ads, thus helping app publishers maximize even further the ability to generate revenue of their valuable digital properties and traffic. Appodeal Insights acts as a floodlight for app publishers, spotlighting how various usage trends and user profiles impact advertising performance. In addition to understanding ad effectiveness in various metrics (impression, clicks, eCPM or click-through-rate, i.e. CTR, per device manufacturer), Insights can demonstrate the effectiveness of ads coming from various ad networks and user profiles, showing device types, demographic data and other things which affect the profit the publisher gets.