Everything you need to know about Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 event

We squeezed the company's biggest announcements into about 7 minutes.

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Chris Velazco
August 2nd, 2016
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Sure, there might not have been many surprises going into Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 launch event, but you can't say the massive conglomerate can't put on a good show. For about an hour, we saw execs take the stage, make lousy dad jokes, throw shade at their competitors, show off a few products and convinced hundreds of people to strap VR headsets to their faces more than once. It was a hell of a thing.

If you happened to miss the event, or just can't be bothered to sit through an hour-long informercial, never fear: we trimmed the fat from Samsung's presentation to leave you with about seven minutes of juicy news morsels (and part of Samsung's head-scratchingly nutty closing ceremony). Oh, and a friendly reminder: we went hands-on with the Galaxy Note 7 and the updated Gear VR in case you're itching for more context around today's announcements. We won't spoil the stories for you, but here's the TL;DR in case you're really pressed for time: both new bits of hardware are thoughtful improvements over their predecessors, though they're perhaps not the fascinating leaps forward some were hoping for. Alright! We've said enough -- do as you please.

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