On-demand drone insurance launches in the US

Verifly's app insures your robotic flying machine for $10 an hour.

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Martin Bernetti/AFP/Getty Images
Martin Bernetti/AFP/Getty Images

Drone accidents can be even more expensive than the drones themselves. However, giving your robotic flyer full insurance coverage might be overkill when you may only fly in short bursts every now and then. What to do? Verifly has an unusual answer: get insurance only when you need it. It's launching an on-demand drone insurance service that offers protection across 40 states. All you have to do is specify where you're flying in a mobile app, agree to the terms and start steering. Rates start at $10 per hour depending on the area, and they'll cover both commercial as well as private uses -- this may be just what you need for a movie shoot.

The catch? Aside from availability, it's really a matter of the insurance in question. The policy shown so far covers damages and injuries to others for lightweight drones (under 15lbs), but you'll be hosed if you either damage your drone or use it beyond certain conditions. If you fly inside, above 400 feet or in drone races, you're footing the bill for any crashes. Nonetheless, this is just inexpensive enough that you could get some peace of mind when flying over a crowded park.

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