Ford Cars Will Ship With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Currently, one of the major technological trends in the automotive market is the ability to connect vehicles with the gadgets we use today, such as smartphones or tablets. There were many rumors about brands getting into this, with Ford being the latest to announce plans to jump in.

The company plans to, starting in 2017, ship Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems in all the cars from its line in the United States, which also includes the shiny new 2017 Ford Raptor.

Over the years, manufacturers have begun to offer the technology in some of their vehicles, but Ford decided to wait a little longer. None of the models from Ford's 2016 line came with integration with Apple or Android devices, but now it seems that both systems will come at once.

Ford's global director of electrical engineering and electronic systems, Chuck Gray, spoke more about the subject:

"We have developed a new platform, Sync 3, which allows us to quickly offer the technology to all our portfolio. Customers considering buying a new vehicle can choose any car, SUV or Ford's electric vehicle with Sync 3. With this, they can easily access their favorite apps."

Despite Apple's iOS and Android cover over 98% of the US smartphone market, but the automotive market is being slower to adopt their auto versions, respectively Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Since their launch in 2014, many automakers missed to deliver these systems in their vehicles. In most cases, these systems are only being added in new generations and rebrands.

Ford is set to be different, only promising these systems knowing they can deliver them. Sync 3 allows drivers to access apps and functions on their mobile phones via the touch screen of the vehicle, as well as through voice commands.

The company also announced it will start using Tesla's strategy to use over-the-air update systems on vehicles to correct errors and add new features, so that all the latest technologies can be available right away.