EE's Max handset plans include free EU roaming and BT Sport

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Jamie Rigg
August 17th, 2016
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EE's Max handset plans include free EU roaming and BT Sport

EE hasn't done a great deal to mix up its tariff options this year, and you know what that means. Correct... we've got a complicated new pricing structure to chew through. The carrier has revamped its pay-monthly handset plans specifically, splitting them into three tiers separated mainly by maximum data allowance and value-added perks. While the table above gives you a pretty comprehensive overview of the new status quo, let's break down the key differences briefly.

Not to be confused with Three's new Essential plans, EE's tariffs of identical name are for the least demanding of customers. They're the only ones to feature minute allowances, offer 4G speeds of up to 20 Mbps with data caps of 300MB to 2GB, and include 6 months of free BT Sport app access. An Essential contract can be had for as little as £17 per month, but prices for all the plans will vary depending on what mobile they're paired with, and remember they don't take into account the upfront payments some devices require.

Starting at £21 per month, 4GEE plans increase mobile download speeds to a maximum of 60 Mbps, with 6 months of BT Sport thrown in there too. Data allowances range from 1GB all the way up to 20GB and each tariff also offers unlimited minutes, texts and 500MB of data for use anywhere within the EU.

The carrier's 4GEE Max plans are geared more towards power users. Available from £26 per month, these offer EE's "fastest 4G speeds" and data allowances of 3GB up to 40GB. BT Sport access is guaranteed throughout the entire length of the contract, and these also benefit from what EE is calling "roam like home." Similar to Three's Feel at Home perk (which is expanding to cover most of Europe next month), it lets customers use their standard minute, text and data allowances across the EU at no extra cost (a 15GB fair use policy applies, though). Roaming charges are being scrapped across the EU entirely next June, mind, so it'll only add value until then.

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